4 Eco Benefits of Modular Homes

Modular Homes

Modular homes are built almost entirely off-site, in climate-controlled factories. The home is constructed in parts that are known as modules, and when they are finished they are transported to the building site. Each module is put together onsite, and cranes are used to put the home together and attach it to its permanent foundation.

The combination of being factory-made but attached to a permanent foundation set modular homes apart from traditional, stick-built homes and mobile homes (which are movable dwellings). This process also results in many eco-friendly benefits to modular homes. 

We discuss the major eco benefits modular homes offer, as well as whether they qualify as green homes. 

Eco Benefits of Modular Homes

When compared to the construction of conventional, stick-built homes, modular homes are superior when it comes to decreasing negative environmental impacts. Their design and construction offer major benefits for the environment regarding energy, waste management, sustainability, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. 

1. Optimized for energy efficiency

Modular homes are designed by engineers, and they use computer software to assess the energy performance of the home. Using the software, they can identify the most airtight and energy efficient construction. This energy-minded design will better control the climate of the home and reduce excess energy waste and costs. 

2. Customizable for sustainability

Another benefit is that modular homes are highly customizable. Opt for sustainable features and materials when designing your modular home. Think about using low flow sinks or dual flush toilets to cut water usage, LEDs for energy savings, and green building materials like bamboo. Many modular homes also benefit from passive solar designs as well.

3. Careful waste management

Much like modular homes are optimized for energy efficiency, their factory-controlled construction also carefully monitors the usage of building materials. Waste is better managed in this setting because it can be reused or recycled in construction, and as such, is diverted from landfills.

4. Reduced emissions

In comparison to site-built homes, the construction of modular homes results in considerably less harmful emissions. Reduced emissions are a result of the factory-made process. By constructing everything in one place and only transporting once all modules are finished, carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions are cut down significantly. 

Are Modulars Homes Considered Green Buildings?

Green buildings are defined as any building whose construction and operation are designed to mitigate any negative effects on their environment. As you learned above about the reduced environmental impact of modular homes, they do qualify as green buildings. However, not every modular construction company will build a home that meets these criteria. 

Modular construction companies aren’t required to use green designs or materials to construct a modular home. Therefore, it isn’t safe to assume that going modular means going green. As consumers, we have a responsibility to research the companies and inquire about green construction practices. Only after verifying that a company builds with sustainable and environmentally-minded construction, should you feel confident about your modular home being a green one. 

Many modular companies are transparent about their practices and values regarding eco construction and sustainability, so know that it is easy to find a reputable company to build your green modular home. Consider going modular today and contribute to reducing the environmental impact of not only yourself but the housing and construction industries. 

To learn more about modular homes, scroll through the infographic below.


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