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Beautycounter Consultant Danika Basista Talks Clean Beauty

Beautycounter Danika Basista

“While we think about what we put IN our bodies and eating organic, we don’t always think about what we put ON our bodies. Yet our skin is our largest organ.”

Danika Basista, Consultant with Beautycounter, talks about what inspired her to get involved with the clean beauty movement.


Name & Title:  Danika Basista, Consultant

Company:  Beautycounter

Company Motto:  Beauty should be good for you.

Company Mission: Our mission is get safer products into the hands of everyone.

What Company Does:  Beautycounter educates consumers about the need for safer ingredients; manufactures and sells a high performing line of safe beauty and personal care products for women, men, and babies; and advocates for much needed change in federal and local government. It carries out its mission through its large network of independent consultants.

Year Founded: Beautycounter was founded in 2013, and I became a consultant in Sept. 2018.

Q: What inspired you to get involved in the clean beauty business? 

As a Chemist and a daughter of two Chiropractors, I had an above average knowledge of the effect our environment has on our bodies. But, while we think about what we put IN our bodies, eating organic, we don’t always think about what we put ON our bodies, our skin is our largest organ.

My eyes were fully opened when I came across an interview of a famous makeup artist. She was having all these health problems. So she went to the doctor. They ran some tests. And just about the FIRST thing they asked was, “Are you a makeup artist?”

A light bulb went off and I thought, how can the doctor know to make that link between these health problems and makeup but we, as consumers, are unaware? It should be common knowledge!

Jumping into the world of green beauty, I was extremely impressed with the education and transparency presented by Beautycounter. I did NOT need another hat with a full time job, and a part time lab internship, but I was so moved by their mission and had fallen in love with their products that I decided to try a side hustle–good thing, because I finally found my passion.

Q: What is the need for natural beauty/personal care products? 

Here are some scary facts that that convinced me to switch to using safe beauty and personal care products, and inspired my passion for bringing awareness of this subject to others.

The state of the beauty industry: 5 Things You Can’t Un-know

  1. Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (like cancer, infertility, and asthma) are on the rise and due in some part to our ongoing exposure to chemicals.
  2. The US has not passed a major federal law governing the cosmetics industry since 1938. (Ahem–that’s 80 years.)
  3. There are more that 80,000 CHEMICALS on the market today. Many don’t have any safety data. This is particularly true of those used in skin-care and beauty industries.
  4. The European Union has banned or restricted 1,400 ingredients from personal care products. The United States has banned or restricted 30.
  5. The FDA does not have any authority to remove harmful ingredients from the products we put on our bodies every day.

Here is an excellent 5-minute news clip from CBS on the topic:
CBS This Morning: Clean Beauty Movement: New Bill Aims to Ensure Products are Free of Toxic Chemicals

Q: How is Beautycounter providing solutions for consumers?

One by one, we are leading a movement to a future where all beauty is clean beauty. We are powered by people, and our collective mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Formulate, advocate, & educate—that’s our motto for creating products that truly perform while holding ourselves to unparalleled standards of safety. Why? It’s really this simple: beauty should be good for you.

Beautycounter is based in Santa Monica and manufactured in the United States. Our line is focused on skincare and cosmetics, but spans from shampoo to sunscreen–we even have safer solutions for men and babies!

Many of our products contain organic (marked with an asterisk) and natural ingredients, but since “organic” and “natural” do not have legal definitions in the cosmetic industry; companies can say that a product is organic when in fact there are no certified organic ingredients in it, or there are only a couple, we focus instead on safety. Lead is natural (and often found in lipsticks because of natural colorants), but you will not find it in ours since every batch of color cosmetics is tested for heavy metals.

Our clean promise: Over 1,500 questionable ingredients are never used in our formulations. We call this The Never List.

Q: What is your most popular product or service?

Our most popular product is the Overnight Resurfacing Peel. I like to call it a fountain of youth in a bottle. Made with 15 botanically-derived acids, it’s a huge favorite for improving skin texture, minimizing pores, dark spots, and even acne without irritation or over drying.

Q: Do you have any special offerings?

Referral coupons! As well as a sweet customer appreciation program. Just message me!

Q: How can people buy Beautycounter products and/or get in touch with you?

You can shop straight from my website (see below) or contact me and I will be more than happy to place an order for you. Either route, I am always reachable by phone or email.

I love giving one-on-one consults where you can try products in person (although all products have 60 days free returns) and Pop-ups where I get to share some great info about safer beauty and you and your friends get to play with everything and have fun!

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