8 Best Blenders for Smoothies in 2024

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Is there ever a time you’re not in the mood for a delicious smoothie?  Didn’t think so!  Whether you are looking for something smooth and yummy (think chocolate almond butter with protein powder) or something green and healthy (spinach and avocado) there is a smoothie to suit your needs. And they are so easy to make!  If you don’t have a blender, or if your old blender is no longer up to the task, please read on. We’ve got a great list of blenders to help you make smoothies a regular part of your routine.

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ninja professional blender 1000

Ninja NJ601AMZ Professional Blender with 1000-Watt Motor. Image via Amazon.

1. Ninja Professional Blender 1000

The Ninja Professional Blender 1000 blender stands the test of time and is one of the most popular blenders on the market. The Ninja Professional Blender costs between $70-$120. It is extremely easy to assemble and you know how essential that is if you lead a busy lifestyle!

The pitcher itself is large, holding up to 72 oz or 2 liters, and the measurement markings help you add just the right amount of each ingredient. When you open the box, you’ll find a recipe book, however, you can also find many Ninja blender recipes online.

A blender newbie? Not to worry, this blender is highly user-friendly; there are 5 main functions: Power, Pulse, Low, Medium, and High, and the blender comes equipped with a powerful 1000W motor.

There’s also a lovely safety feature built in where if the lid comes off, the machine stops working, saving you from the dreaded smoothie splatter and keeping young children safe from the sharp Ninja blades.

Some other cool features – this Ninja personal blender can make snow-like crushed ice, is easy to clean, and is even dishwasher safe. It is great for small or large quantities of smoothies, making it ideal for both personal and family use. It is easy to find Ninja blender replacement parts and many parts are interchangeable with other models.

Downsides? This blender is not suitable for blending hot liquids, there are no personal jars that can be used to take your smoothies on the go, and it has limited controls. Also, it isn’t easy to make smooth purees with fibrous ingredients such as kale.

The Ninja smoothie blender is a great option to make those delicious smoothies you love so much!

View on Amazon: Ninja Professional Blender 1000 

2. Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender

hamilton beach smart smoothie blender

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender. Image via Amazon.

The Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender is a great affordable option, coming in between $45 and $74.

This compact 700 W blender won’t take up too much room on your kitchen counter, coming in at 14.5 inches tall, with a 40-ounce glass pitcher.

The design and use are incredibly simple – with 5 different speeds reflected through buttons such as “mix/milkshake” and “pulse/crush” doing exactly what they describe. There is also an integrated spout for pouring without removing the lid.

Some of the downsides are that the blender takes a bit more time to get a smooth consistency than other models and doesn’t work well for very hard solid foods if you were hoping for something multi-functional.

View on Amazon: Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender

3. Vitamix Explorian Blender E310

Vitamix Explorian Blender E310

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender. Image via Amazon.

The Vitamix Explorian Blender E310 is among the newer models of Vitamix which offers the same quality as their legacy series with a more affordable price tag. Priced around $279, you may be wondering what features this personal blender offers.

This personal blender boasts 10 variable speed settings, a pulse feature and a 2 HP motor, ensuring a smooth, silky, drinking experience, as well as a 48-ounce container to hold smoothies for yourself or the whole family. Even with the various settings, users find this personal blender easy to use, powerful, versatile, and very convenient for making smoothies.

This blender can self-clean without disassembly by just adding a drop of dish soap and warm water, blending and rinsing – how amazing is that? The Vitamix Explorian Blender does it all, from solids to hot liquids it will be your go-to for smoothies and beyond.

The only downside is the higher price tag compared to some of the other models included in this article. You will need to assess how often you plan to use the blender, and if your usage will go beyond the simple smoothie, to determine whether it will be a worthwhile investment for you.

View on Amazon: Vitamix Explorian Blender E310 

4. Breville Fresh & Furious Blender

Breville Fresh & Furious Blender

Breville Fresh and Furious Blender. Image via Amazon.

The Breville Fresh & Furious Blender is designed for ease. It has nine “one touch” programs plus five speed settings with 1100 watts of power for instantly making your smoothies.  It has a 50 ounce capacity and the blade shape is designed to eliminate all lumps. In a previous year, this blender was the mid-priced blender “highly recommended” by America’s Test Kitchens. It is currently on sale for $186.

On the downside, users note that the blender is very loud and that customer support can be lacking. However, users appreciate the powerful motor and the smooth blends.

View on Amazon: Breville Fresh & Furious Blender

5. Magic Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set. Image via Amazon.

The Magic Bullet Blender is one of the oldest and most loved blenders.  This compact blender, with a minimalistic design, is perfect for your single-serve smoothie needs at the low cost of between $40-$50. This personal size blender can hold up to 19 ounces, will easily fit on your kitchen countertop, and offers a hassle-free cleanup with dishwasher-safe cups, although the blade must be hand-washed.

Some models come with a convenient takeaway cup, handle included, so you can blend your smoothie, put on a lid, and head out the door. This item also includes a recipe book with personal blender recipes

The model is quick and easy to use with only one-speed setting, for all your chopping, mixing and blending needs. You can either pulse by hand or press down for continuous blending.

While affordable and easy to use, some of the downsides of the magic bullet include its short power cord and the fact that it is not powerful enough to fully blend ice (i.e., this may leave your smoothies a bit chunky). This blender is also not meant for blending hot liquids if you were hoping for a system that will serve multiple purposes.

View on Amazon: Magic Bullet Blender

6. Oster ActiFit Personal Blender

Oster Actifit Personal Blender

Oster Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies, and Single Serve Portable Cups. Image via Amazon.

The Oster ActiFit Personal Blender is perfect for single-serve shakes and smoothies on the go. This blender is easy to use and creates beautifully blended creations, even with more fibrous ingredients such as leafy greens. The blender was tested for up to 10,000 blends – that means you will be enjoying smoothies for years to come.

The blender has a one-speed twist and blend setting and comes with two 20 oz impact-resistant, BPA-free sports bottles with spill-proof lids – perfect for taking your creations on the go. Many customers love the ease with which the system can be cleaned, with the cups and lids being dishwasher safe.

This small but powerful system retails at $60 and is comparable to many other personal portable blenders. Its sleek design means that it takes up little counter space, perfect for small kitchens and ideal for keeping on the countertop.
The downside of course is the cup size, as this blender is catered to single-serve smoothies, however, the speed with which the smoothies are made might make up for this!

View on Amazon: Oster Personal Blender

7. Zwilling Enfinify Personal Blender

Zwilling personal blender

ZWILLING Enfinigy Personal Blender, Piranha Teeth Cross Blade for Ultimate Blending, Smoothies, Shakes. Image via Amazon.

The Zwilling Enfinigy Personal Blender is a sleek, small, but powerful personal blender. It includes a powerful cross blade with piranha serration, designed in Germany by a world-famous cutlery maker, promising a smooth blend for all recipes. This system retails at between $130 and $170.

The blender includes both “smoothie” and “pulse” settings and is equipped with an automatic shut-off to ensure that the blender only functions when the lid is correctly attached, helping you avoid any messy spills or accidents. In addition, customers rave that this is one of the quietest blenders they have used.

Like many other portable personal blenders, this model comes with a break-proof, cold-resistant, easy-to-clean 20 oz tumbler with a spill-proof drinking lid. This way, you can enjoy your smoothies at home or on the go. The tumblers also include measurement markings to measure out all your favorite ingredients.

Similar to other personal portable blenders the downside is the small jar size, but if you are looking for the tool to make your perfect single-serve smoothie, this may be the choice for you.

View on Amazon: Zwilling Enfinigy Personal Blender 

8. Mueller Ultra Bullet Personal Blender

Mueller Ultra Bullet Personal Blender

Mueller Ultra Bullet Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies with 15 Oz Travel Cup and Lid. Image via Amazon.

The Mueller Ultra Bullet Personal Blender is one of the lowest-cost models on the market, retailing at $20. This small 15oz blender packs a punch, with heavy-duty blades that can quickly crush ice, fruits, and veggies and enjoy your blended beverage.

The small size makes it perfect for small kitchens, and countertops and use at home or in the office.

The one-speed pulse feature and safety lock protection make this model easy to use, and the portable blending jar can be screwed off and topped with the included drinking lid to take your smoothies on the go.

This blender comes in a variety of colors – black, teal, red, chrome, and black, making it a great gift.

Some of the downsides are that the machine does overheat if blending for too long, so you need to take breaks in between to ensure your smoothie stays cold. The small cup also means you will have to carefully measure ingredients for your single-serve beverage.

View on Amazon: Mueller Ultra Bullet Personal Blender


As you can see, there are so many blender options to suit every budget and function. Blenders can make great gifts for all your smoothie-loving, health-conscious friends, or just those who enjoy delicious beverages.

If you are looking for the best personal blender for single-serve smoothies and find yourself constantly on the go, you may want to consider one of the personal portable blender model options such as those offered by Magic Bullet, Oster, Zwilling, or Mueller.

If you are looking to make smoothies for the whole family, and also utilize some of the other blending functions, some of the larger options such as Ninja blender, Hamilton beach blender, or Vitamix may be what you are looking for.

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