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Sustainable Fashion

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Sustainable Fashion

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What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion involves a holistic approach in which INDUSTRY adopts ethical production and eco-friendly materials and CONSUMERS engage in mindful consumption to foster a cycle that supports environmental, social, and animal welfare.

The Green Directory: Sustainable Fashion Resources

The Sustainable Fashion section of the Green Directory features profiles of sustainable fashion brands, eco-fashion retailers, thrift stores and consignment shops, clothing rental companies like Rent the Runway, clothing marketplaces like Poshmark, and nonprofits that focus on sustainable fashion. It’s a great jumping off place to delve into the fascinating world of sustainable fashion!

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Fast fashion is responsible for the production of over 100 billion garments each year, contributing significantly to consumer waste.

News & Reviews: Sustainable Fashion Insights

Once you start learning about fast fashion vs sustainable fashion, your mind will be blown. Things are BAD, but there are so many people doing VERY COOL THINGS to create a new, better, more ethical, sustainable world of fashion. Visit the blog to learn all about the issues, and the innovators, and how to build your own sustainable wardrobe!

Textile dyeing is the second-largest polluter of water globally, and it takes about 2,000 different chemicals to create color in textiles, many of which are toxic.

The Online Community: Sustainable Fashion Chat

The Online Community is a fun place to connect with other members who are on the same mission as you to learn about the industry and to build a sustainable wardrobe. Ask questions, share learnings and fashion finds!  We will also feature events with experts in the future.

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Washing clothes releases 500,000 tons of microfibers into the ocean each year, equivalent to 50 billion plastic bottles.

Amazon Finds: Sustainable Apparel

To make it easy for you to buy your first piece of sustainable apparel (or second, third), we have curated a collection of sustainable fashion items from Amazon in the Republic of Green Amazon Shop! You’ll find organic cotton, fair trade, sustainable, ethical apparel, shoes, and jewelry for women, men, children, and babies. Have fun exploring!

Sustainable Apparel

Sustainable Apparel



The U.S. cotton industry has committed to a 39% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

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Dive into these other eye-opening topics for a look at the GOOD (a cleaner, greener, more sustainable way to do things ) and the BAD (how our everyday products might be harming our health and planet).  Learn about the issues and how to make healthy changes in your life.

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