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    This group is for pet owners and brands concerned with keeping pets happy and healthy with natural, non-toxic pet food, toys, pet products, and yards.

    Group Types: Animal
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    active 2 weeks agoActive

    This group is focused on protecting wildlife and their habitats. Topics include endangered species, wildlife corridors, sustainable development strategies, more.

    Group Types: Animal, Environmental
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    active 2 weeks agoActive

    This group focuses on Farm Animals. We discuss issues, share and promote best practices for humanely raised animals, and advocate for change at factory farms.

    Group Types: Animal, Sustainable Food & Agriculture, Politics, Policy & Activism
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    active 2 weeks agoActive

    A group concerned with the welfare of elephants worldwide. Issues include ivory trade, circuses, zoos, elephant rides, working elephants, more.

    Group Types: Animal
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    active 2 weeks agoActive

    This group is about animals at rescues, shelters, and sanctuaries. Welcome to those who love and support animals in need.

    Group Types: Animal

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