If you could bring a little bit of fairytale into the real world, it might just look like Pou de Glaç. This hotel combines sustainable renovation with historical architecture, and the result is truly stunning.

Pou de Glaç is a Spanish farm in the hinterland of the Costa Brava, right on the Red d’Estany stream. The estate dates back to about the 17th century. Some structures from these long-ago days are still here. There’s an old flour mill, a vault, a barn and the ice fountain. The unique ice fountain was once used as a refrigerator of sorts thanks to natural ice stored within. In fact, Pou de Glaç means ice fountain.

The old farm has been transformed into an eco-friendly paradise that preserves many of the historic features. There are now several vacation homes here made with natural wood and stone. These materials contrast with the cement and steel that strengthen the design. Even the old barracks have been converted.

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