The air quality inside our homes can be even more toxic than the air quality outside, due to all of the toxic products we bring into the home such as cleaners, cosmetics, carpets, and more. Dr. Daniel Pompa runs down a list of the top ten toxins that we should avoid and replace in our home, food and cosmetics.

Title: Top 10 Toxins to Avoid and Replace at Home, Food, Cosmetics

Description: Green cleaning and lifestyle is not only green for the environment and earth it is safe for the health your children and family. We focus on greening the planet by regulating industry but we need to green our homes, food, and body for our health. Dr. Pompa explains the top 10 toxins that are not green or friendly to the earth or you, polluting not only the environment but causing cancer and other health problems. Be eco-friendly and non-toxic to your body.

Host/Producer: Dr. Daniel Pompa
Date: 2009
Length: 10:39 mins.

About: Dr. Daniel Pompa is internationally known for his expertise in weight loss, neurotoxic illness, nutrition, & investigating incurable illness. As a sought-after doctor and educator for the treatment of such neurotoxic-mediated illnesses as autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, weight loss resistance, diabetes, thyroid conditions & fibromyalgia, his teaching is transforming the lives of thousands around the world. His philosophy is founded upon natural solutions utilizing the latest research; his chiropractic care utilizes NASA technology. His detoxification & diet protocols have brought healing to the seemingly incurable, & have been replicated by other physicians he teaches across the nation.


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