A modern urban planning challenge: How do you take a typical city, with streetscapes dominated by cars, noise and air pollution, and transform it into a walkable public space that is inviting to people and promotes biodiversity? Barcelona is in the process of doing just that.

Plagued by the ills associated with clogged streets, in 2014, Barcelona decided to take action and created the Urban Mobility Plan. One of the most innovative and revolutionary notions in the plan is to take back at least some of the the streets for pedestrians, bicyclists, green space, and public space. It aims to achieve this through "superblocks", a concept developed by Salvador Rueda, director of the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona.

The idea is to take nine square blocks of city at a time, keep the through-traffic, trucks and buses on the perimeter of the superblock and in the interior of the superblock, create walkable micro-villages with much more space devoted to pedestrians and green.

This fascinating video on Superblocks is worth the 5-minute watch.

To read the full article on this subject, visit Vox.



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