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30 Environmental Activities to Feed Your Mind, Body & Soul

fun and educational environmental activities

Want to get out and enjoy the outdoors or find a fun, unique activity that involves learning about sustainability? We’ve got a wonderful list of environmental activities designed to feed your mind, body and soul. How about going on an organic farm tour or biodynamic winery tour? Or take a quick trip to visit a national park, stargaze in a Dark Sky Park, and then stay overnight at an eco-resort or tiny house rental? Or keep it local and visit a native plant demonstration garden or enjoy an eco-friendly shopping spree at secondhand stores. Whether you’re a seasoned eco-enthusiast or just starting your green journey, these activities are perfect for anyone looking to embrace the beauty of the natural world and explore sustainability. Dive into some new, fun experiences that entertain, educate and inspire a deeper appreciation for our planet.

Outdoor Adventures

Unleash your adventurous spirit with outdoor activities that bring you closer to nature’s beauty. Discover the serenity of hiking trails, the grandeur of national parks, the wonder of stargazing in dark sky havens, the thrill of underwater exploration, and the joy of whale watching.

Hiking/Walking Trails
Discover diverse environments from urban parks to remote wilderness areas on hiking and walking trails. These trails provide the perfect setting for both exercise and exploration.

Visiting State & National Parks
Explore the natural wonders and historical sites of the U.S. in over 400 National Parks and thousands of State Parks. These protected areas offer a range of activities like hiking, camping, and educational tours.

Stargazing at a Dark Sky Park
Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the night sky at Dark Sky Parks, where minimal light interference allows for brilliant observations of stars, planets, and galaxies.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving in Protected Areas
Dive into the world beneath the waves in protected areas that offer safe and sustainable snorkeling and scuba diving, conserving marine ecosystems and showcasing underwater biodiversity.

Whale Watching
Embark on whale watching adventures, typically conducted from boats or shorelines in regions known for whale migration, and witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitats.

Environmental Education Activities

Foster your curiosity and knowledge at educational hotspots. Engage with interactive exhibits at nature centers, unravel the mysteries of the past at natural history museums, gaze into the cosmos at planetariums, and enrich your mind with environmental lectures.

Nature Centers
Explore local flora and fauna at nature centers, where you can engage with interactive exhibits, take a stroll on walking trails, and participate in educational workshops.

Natural History Museums
Dive into Earth’s biological and geological past at natural history museums. Here, you’ll find fascinating displays of fossils, specimens, and dioramas showcasing the diversity of life throughout history.

Experience the wonders of the cosmos in planetariums. These immersive theaters simulate the night sky on a domed ceiling, offering a spectacular view of celestial events and lessons in astronomy.

Environmental Lectures
Enhance your understanding of sustainability, conservation, and ecological issues through environmental lectures. These informative sessions are available through nonprofits, educational institutions, and accessible online platforms like YouTube.

Sustainable Food & Agriculture Activities

Delve into the world of sustainable cuisine and agriculture. Experience the journey from farm to table with organic farm tours, taste the future with biodynamic winery tours, and enhance your culinary skills with plant-based cooking classes and organic gardening workshops.

Organic Farm Tours
Learn eco-friendly farming techniques and sample fresh, organic produce on these tours, which you can typically find at various organic farms nationwide.

Biodynamic Winery Tours
Experience holistic, sustainable viticulture and enjoy unique wine tastings with these tours, offered at wineries practicing biodynamic farming.

Plant-Based Cooking Classes
Discover how to prepare nutritious, plant-based meals in these classes, available at community centers, culinary schools, and select restaurants.

Organic Gardening Workshops
Gain practical gardening advice at these workshops, typically hosted by local community gardens, nurseries, or botanical gardens, to start and maintain your own organic garden.


Travel responsibly with eco-tourism. Stay at eco-resorts and green hotels that prioritize the planet, and immerse yourself in learning and working programs that offer insights into sustainable living.

Stay at eco-resorts, typically located in areas with abundant wildlife and eco-tours, where you can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy sustainable living practices.

Green Hotels
Choose green hotels for your city stays, where eco-friendly practices are a priority, offering a sustainable alternative for urban accommodation.

Work/Stay Programs
Engage in work/stay programs, such as on a homestead, organic farm, or animal sanctuary, to learn about and contribute to sustainable living and conservation efforts.

Rent a Tiny Home
Experience the minimalist lifestyle by renting a tiny home. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about living efficiently and sustainably in a smaller space.

Conservation & Wildlife Activities

Connect with wildlife and contribute to conservation. Visit zoos focused on animal conservation, learn about marine life at aquariums, and explore the protective environments of wildlife sanctuaries.

Zoos with Conservation Focus
Visit zoos that emphasize conservation to learn about wildlife protection efforts and see a variety of animals in carefully managed habitats, contributing to species preservation.

Explore aquariums to discover the fascinating world of marine life. These aquatic havens offer a glimpse into underwater ecosystems and emphasize the importance of ocean conservation.

Wildlife Sanctuaries
Spend time in wildlife sanctuaries where you can observe animals in naturalistic settings and learn about efforts to protect and rehabilitate native wildlife species.

Environmental Volunteering

Make a tangible impact through environmental volunteering. Take part in beach cleanups, join tree planting initiatives, and contribute to the success of green business conferences.

Beach Cleanups
Participate in beach cleanups to actively contribute to the health of our coastlines and marine life, making a direct impact on preserving the natural beauty of beach environments.

Tree Plantings or Invasive Species Removal
Get involved in tree planting events or invasive species removal efforts, activities crucial for maintaining healthy ecosystems and supporting biodiversity in your local area.

Animal Shelters
Volunteer at animal shelters to care for rescued and sheltered animals, playing a key role in their well-being and rehabilitation.

Green Conferences
Volunteer at a green business or renewable energy conference to gain insights, learn from industry leaders, and network with professionals dedicated to sustainable practices and innovations.

Sustainable Living Education

Embrace sustainable living practices. Tour recycling centers, participate in water conservation workshops, explore green houses, learn about sustainable landscaping, and visit native plant community gardens.

Recycling Center Tours
Explore recycling centers through guided tours to understand the recycling process and the importance of waste management in sustainable living.

Water Conservation Workshops
Attend water conservation workshops to learn effective techniques for reducing water usage in your daily life and contributing to the preservation of this vital resource.

Green House Tours
Visit green houses to see sustainable living practices in action, from energy-efficient designs to eco-friendly materials, offering practical inspiration for your own home.

Sustainable Landscaping Workshop
Participate in sustainable landscaping workshops to gain knowledge on eco-friendly gardening practices that enhance biodiversity and reduce environmental impact.

Native Plant Community Demonstration Gardens
Discover the beauty and benefits of native plants by visiting community demonstration gardens, which showcase how local flora can be used in sustainable and attractive landscaping.

Eco-Friendly Shopping

Shop with the environment in mind. Find treasures at thrift shops, support sustainable fashion brands, explore upcycled shops, and discover goods from sustainable makers.

Thrift Shops
Explore thrift shops for a sustainable shopping experience, where you can find a variety of pre-loved items, from clothing to furniture, that promote a culture of reuse and recycling.

Sustainable Fashion Brands
Support sustainable fashion brands that focus on ethical production and eco-friendly practices, offering stylish choices that don’t compromise on environmental responsibility.

Upcycled Shops
Visit upcycled shops to discover creatively repurposed items, where old materials are transformed into new, unique products, embodying sustainability and innovation.

Sustainable Makers
Seek out sustainable makers who craft environmentally conscious products, ranging from household items to personal accessories, showcasing the perfect blend of functionality and green ethics.

Environmental Arts

Celebrate the planet through the arts. Attend environmental film and music festivals that combine entertainment with eco-consciousness and creativity.

Environmental Film Festivals
Attend environmental film festivals to watch and engage with films that focus on sustainability, conservation, and the challenges facing our planet, offering both education and inspiration.

Environmental Music Festivals
Experience environmental music festivals where the joy of music meets eco-consciousness, often featuring initiatives aimed at minimizing the event’s ecological footprint.

Eco-Friendly Arts & Crafts Workshops
Participate in eco-friendly arts and crafts workshops, where you can unleash your creativity using sustainable materials and methods.

Other Environmental Arts Events
Keep an eye out for less common but equally enriching events like nature photography exhibits, environmental theater productions, and environmental poetry readings, which might be rarer but are definitely worth attending when available.

We hope this list of environmental activities has sparked some new ideas for you to explore and enjoy! Whether you choose to embark on a farm tour, participate in a beach cleanup, visit a wildlife sanctuary, or discover eco-friendly shopping gems, each experience is a step towards a more sustainable and connected lifestyle. We’re excited to hear about your adventures and the memorable moments you create. We hope you’ll share your experiences and inspire others to join in these meaningful and enjoyable environmental pursuits!


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