350.org: Leading the Global Charge Against Climate Change

350.org climate change nonprofit

In the face of escalating climate change threats, many organizations have risen to combat this global challenge. Among these, 350.org stands out with its unique name and purpose-driven mission. In this article, we delve into its history, mission and impact, as well as the essential role of volunteers within this dynamic organization.

History of 350.org

350.org was birthed in 2008 out of the vision of environmental writer Bill McKibben and several of his Middlebury College students. The organization’s name mirrors its ultimate goal: to reduce the level of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere to the safe threshold of 350 parts per million.

A primary catalyst for its creation was the alarming rise in CO2 levels, underpinned by scientific research revealing that levels above 350 ppm would be detrimental to life as we know it. With a focus on driving policy change and promoting sustainable practices, the organization quickly gained traction.

Since its inception, 350.org has grown into a global movement, marking several significant milestones. Notably, in 2009, the organization coordinated the ‘Global Day of Action,’ which involved synchronized climate demonstrations in over 180 countries. This event remains one of the largest coordinated global rallies of its kind to date.

What 350.org Does

350.org exists to combat climate change by reducing atmospheric CO2 to safe levels. It orchestrates a worldwide network to lobby for policy change, drive personal action, and alter public perception regarding the climate crisis.

The organization is behind several high-profile campaigns. One such campaign, known as “Fossil Free,” advocates for the divestment from fossil fuels and has played a significant role in prompting many institutions to reassess their environmental impact.

Another noteworthy campaign, “Rise for Climate,” coordinated a global demonstration advocating for renewable energy solutions. The tangible impact of these campaigns is reflected in the changing environmental policies and heightened public awareness around the world.

Revenues and Financial Overview

In 2021, 350.org’s revenues were $23,155,000. The financial lifeblood of 350.org comes predominantly from individual donations (49%) and grants & foundations (44%). The organization remains committed to financial transparency and accountability, publicly providing its financial statements and ensuring responsible management of funds.

The majority of its expenses are allocated towards supporting campaigns, funding essential research, and promoting climate change awareness. This demonstrates the organization’s commitment to deploying its resources most effectively for mission impact.

How Volunteers Can Get Involved

Volunteers constitute a significant part of 350.org’s success. The organization offers a wide spectrum of volunteer opportunities, from local event organization and digital activism to global campaign participation.

Becoming a volunteer involves signing up on their website, undergoing training, and then contributing to the mission in various capacities. This process not only supports the cause but also offers invaluable personal growth opportunities, enabling volunteers to gain new skills and forge connections within the environmental community.

The role of volunteers within 350.org cannot be overstated. Their efforts exponentially increase the reach and impact of the organization, fostering a global network deeply invested in combating climate change.


Through its strategic campaigns and dedication to its mission, 350.org continues to be a powerful player in the global fight against climate change. Driven by its vision of a sustainable future and the ceaseless efforts of its volunteers, 350.org exemplifies the profound change that can occur when people rally behind a common cause.

For More About 350.org

For further exploration into 350.org or to join their cause, visit their official website at www.350.org. Here lies your opportunity to join the battle against climate change, and contribute to a safer, more sustainable world.


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